No Hassle Vending

Liberty is a business and industry cafeteria innovator. We were the 1st in the industry to tie vending and cafeteria sales to a payroll deduct system run through a computer network. We plan to stay on the leading edge of in-house food service.

Vending support is offered 24 / 7 with a live person USA call center.

Lazer Fast Scan & Vending

All vending machines inside the cafeteria can be connected to our Lazer Vend Scan, another Liberty design and innovation. It allows guests to make purchases with their plant ID card instead of searching their pockets for change. Five of the strong features of the Lazer Vend Scan include:

  •  Our vending machines use the same card as the cafeteria.
  • A bad vend in a machine is reported immediately from the machine’s board to the main server in the office so it can be addressed quickly.
  •  There are no moving parts in the scanning to be effected by the grease, fat, and moisture in the plant setting.
  • On-site General Manager and 2nd shift manager have keys to open machines and fix problem situations.
  • Should the plant desire, Liberty can connect all vending including the back area, (cattle barn, kill break room) by the plant providing a fiber optic line.

The Lazer Vend Scan system is easily converted to payroll deduct should the plant desire.