• Safety first…including proper food handling, HACCP, and sanitation.
  • Food next…including freshness, appeal, and variety.
  • Service and excitement…with speed, friendliness, and consistency.
  • Liberty is committed to responding to suggestions, concerns, and complaints promptly and with all due considerations.
  • Our success is defined by serving people:
    • More variety to give people more choices.
    • Greater speed so we can serve more guests.
    • Value pricing so more people can afford to eat in cafeteria.

Mission Statement

We believe that our calling is to enhance the lives of your employees and therein enhance your business and productivity.  We rise to the privilege of providing your employees a time and environment for some relaxation in their workday.  Toward that end, our commitment is:

  • To serve good, safe food quickly.
  • To maintain a safe and clean environment.
  • To give cheerful, affirming service.
  • To give good value.
  • To provide pleasant atmosphere — more like a mall café court.