Lazer-Fast Scanning System

The Lazer-Fast Scanning System offers amazing benefits to your company’s cafeteria needs. These include:

1.   Increases line speed by 30% plus as compared to cash.
2.   Adapts to payroll deduction if the plant prefers or allows.

  • If host plant would consider payroll deduct by default –Guest could eat 1st week deferred payment. After 1st week if he/she did not want to use payroll deduct, they would place funds into ADM machine, zeroing their account and start over the next week.
  • New hires could eat hot foods 1st day on the job and wait for 1st check to pay food service.

3.   Reduces cross-contamination issues – no money is passed back and forth.

  • Convenient ADM’s (Automated Deposit Machines) allow for money to be posted to accounts easily.
  • Lazer Scan Card can be used on all Vending Machines in the main cafeteria.

Liberty Food Service has converted all of our cash accounts to Lazer Scan with extremely positive results. This system, which was designed and patented by Liberty, has proven to be far superior in the packing plant setting than other card systems.
Your employees benefit by having the account history and usage information readily available. We can print a report showing the item purchased including time, date and machine location.

Plant Managers (and we at Liberty) have been excited to see the way employees adapt to change. Lazer Scan is clean, fast, and appreciated by guests. Guests also really like how well the card works in Vending Machines.