On-Site Catering

We are ready to meet your needs inside and out of the plant. We offer:

  • Catering of snacks and full meals for your meetings in the plant – everything from pop and cookies to continental breakfast to full hot meals served to you.
  • Our “Picnic Wagon” offers unparalleled service on picnics and family carnivals should you wish to offer them. We can cook for thousands – just about anywhere.
  • Our mobile rotisserie cooker roasts meat that is truly mouthwatering!
  • For safety picnics we have cooked for and served 15,000 guests in the park!
  • We have catered formal holiday parties, retirement banquets, and town hall meetings in community sites (off campus) for our host plants.

Liberty Food Service Provides the Extras!

Giveaways are frequently held in conjunction with holidays and special events. Prize drawings are held right in the cafeteria for Valentine and Easter baskets, Cinco de Mayo prizes, etc.

Seasonal Decorations enhance the environment – and have been positively noted by host plants. We decorate for seasons and major holidays such as spring, summer, fall and winter, Christmas, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Flag Day, July 4th Holiday, Halloween and Thanksgiving Day.